Becky Darling, Volunteer Extraordinaire

The Great Bear Chase would not be possible if it weren’t for the nearly 200 volunteers that commit to helping out each and every year. Becky Darling is one those amazing volunteers and has been for over 25 Great Bear Chase’s. She continues to volunteer at the GBC because she loves to ski and help out with the skiers, who she believes are even more dedicated than she is.

One of the most memorable GBC’s Becky volunteered at was the year it was 4 degrees. Standing at an aid station doing everything possible to keep the liquids warm was quite the effort. Long before the current method, the energy drinks were poured out of big stainless steel thermoses. “Ours froze so hard that Jon Davis (of the Library Bar fame) put it on the manifold of his truck to thaw out the spigot”, she recalls.

Becky also remembers one of the two years the race was cancelled. She had been out of town and was flying in to Houghton the day after the race had been cancelled. There were trees down everywhere. “The area looked like a big game of pick-up sticks from the air.”

Becky continues to volunteer year after year, along with quite a core group of longtime helpers, because it “is just so much fun.” She’s made lasting friendships with many who look forward to the GBC and have been skiing it for years as their last hurrah race of the season.

The Great Bear Chase is grateful for each and every volunteer as they have been instrumental in the growth and success of the event. For more details on volunteering please visit

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