Photos from 2018 Available

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2018 Great Bear Chase Results

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Record 740 Skiers in 2018 Great Bear Chase

A record 740 skiers enjoyed a perfect day for cross country skiing Saturday for the 38th annual UP Health System Great Bear Chase Ski Marathon at the Swedetown Trails on Saturday. Temperatures in the mid-20s and a solid base created fast condition for the 50 kilometer, 25 kilometer, and 10 kilometer races. Former Michigan Tech skier Deedra Irwin (Pulaski, Wisconsin) and past U.S. Ski Team member Tad Elliott (Durango, Colorado) took ... [Read more]

Becky Darling, Volunteer Extraordinaire

The Great Bear Chase would not be possible if it weren’t for the nearly 200 volunteers that commit to helping out each and every year. Becky Darling is one those amazing volunteers and has been for over 25 Great Bear Chase’s. She continues to volunteer at the GBC because she loves to ski and help out with the skiers, who she believes are even more dedicated than she is. One of the most memorable GBC’s Becky volunteered at was the ... [Read more]

Clark Skiing 36th Great Bear Chase This Year

The first Great Bear Chase took place in 1981 and Richard Clark was there. This year marks the 36th annual ski marathon and Richard Clark plans to be there, just as he has for every Great Bear Chase. (A note that, if you are doing the math, the event was cancelled twice – once because of no snow and once because a huge wind storm toppled a number of trees onto the trail on the eve of the race.) Clark grew up in western New York not ... [Read more]

Winter has arrived in Calumet!

December 21, 2016 - We are thrilled with the recent winter-like conditions at the home of the Great Bear Chase! The snow started on December 7 and has hardly stopped. Over 10 days, we logged 5 with at least 7" of snow and had 54" overall. That's four-and-a-half feet! Needless to say, conditions are prime and the new Husky groomer has been working out daily. All that snow is perfect for the UP Health System Portage Great Bear Chase ... [Read more]

Photos, video and everything else recapping the 2014 GBC

It was a busy, busy year for the Portage Health Great Bear Chase Ski Marathon, which was once again host of more than 600 racers between about a dozen events in early March. This year's event included 515 skiers participating in one of six ski racers on Saturday morning, and about 100 more between the Junior Bear Chase and Snow Bike Race. With that, we’re proud to unveil a whole bunch of media from the 2014 race! Check everything out ... [Read more]

Weather and trails perfect as 515 compete in 2014 Great Bear Chase

The trails were pristine, the weather just about the right coldness and more than 500 skiers raced through the Swedetown Trails this morning during the 34th annual Portage Health Great Bear Chase Ski Marathon. Winning this year's race most coveted top spot, the 50 km freestyle champion, was Jan Myrda of Palos Heights, Ill. Myrda's title came in a sprint to the finish that ended with a split-second difference, and Chris Pappathopoulos ... [Read more]

Wax recommendations in, latest weather report looks perfect

Hot off the press from our friends at Toko and Swix - wax recommendations for the 2014 Great Bear Chase are in. Wax recommendations from Toko (PDF) Wax recommendations from Swix (PDF) Both recommendations are based off of a favorable forecast, which pits race day with a high of 24 degrees fahrenheit, a low of 11 degrees and, as of Thursday early afternoon, no snow on race day. The temperature will be a little warmer today and ... [Read more]

2014 Preview: KBC Beer Tasting, Food Truck, Pasta Dinner and more

The 2014 Great Bear Chase is just around the corner, and with that the Portage Health Great Bear Chase Ski Marathon has finalized all of the food and beverage options for this year, including two new ones: A beer-tasting event during the award ceremony and a food truck out at the stadium! Below are all the details you'll need to know as you finalize your plans for the 2014 Great Bear Chase. Bear Chase Beer Tasting After finish the ... [Read more]

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