Race Logistics 101: May planning and stadium improvements

The Portage Health Great Bear Chase committee is still hard at work. March and April both brought about long meetings discussing how 2013 went, and today the committee met for another 90 minutes. With that meeting complete, we’re happy to announce a new regular piece on our website, “GBC Race Logistics 101.” This will be a piece we post on the website on a regular basis throughout the off season and as the race gets closer talking about the many small changes we make to the race on a year-to-year basis.

Today the committee went through more than 70 bullet points today and discussed them all one by one. Of those points, about 90 percent of them are going to result in small changes and improvements for the 2014 race. Below are some points we’re going to throw out there right now. Note that there are MANY, MANY more small and big decisions that the committee has to hash out and run with. Thank you for all the feedback, that’s what all of this is based on.

Stadium Start and Finish Planned Improvements
This year we more than doubled our parking at the start and finish, and it made a huge difference. Was it enough? No! We heard again from some people that more parking was needed, and the plan is to add more parking again in 2014. We should probably give a shout out to Moyle USA on this topic. The area for parking is their property, and we’ve been lucky to have them allowing us to use it for the past two years. We also have a plan for the starting area that will make it a little wider up the first hill, and a designated trail for warm-up skiing that loops right past the start area. These decisions were both based off of feedback we heard in person from skiers and from the on-line survey results.

We’ll have more details on ALL of these things as the 2014 race begins to approach. In the meantime, keep checking back to GreatBearChase.com and make your plans for March 8, 2014!

Oh, and by the way, we haven’t been grooming for a few weeks, but we STILL have snow out on the trails!

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