Smile, you’re about to get amazing photos of yourself skiing for FREE

Notice that little red, black and white icon with a ‘b’ on it at the top of the Portage Health Great Bear Chase Ski Marathon website? That’s for Brockit photography, the Great Bear Chase’s official photographer. Go ahead, click it and check out some of the photos from past years.

bearchasephotosIn the past, the photos have been fun to look at, and obviously Adam, Meghan and crew have shared them with us to make this beautiful new website. This year, though, it gets better.

All participants in the 2013 Great Bear Chase will get FREE downloads of the photos taken at next weekend’s race! That’s right, the photos of you at the start line, in the middle of the race and at the end of the race are all free to download! New Facebook profile photo? Check. New photo to e-mail your family to prove that you completed a 50k ski marathon? Check. A new background to remind yourself of how awesome you are? Check.

The images you download won’t be print quality, but they’ll look good on your computer, tablet or smart phone. If you really like a certain photo, brockit will continue to sell the higher quality images on their website. See photos from past year’s by on brockit’s website, and make sure to register for the Great Bear Chase today! You’ll save $10 if you register by Wednesday.

Great Bear Chase Ski Marathon