Volunteers needed for 2014 Great Bear Chase

The greatest Great Bear Chase will be greatest because of the great amounts of great volunteers. Sounds great doesn’t it?

That’s because it is GREAT! You can be a part of it, too. In fact, we’d love it if you were a part of it. Each year more than 100 people are part of it, and this year that 100 should include you! Click here to learn more.

The Portage Health Great Bear Chase Ski Marathon is looking for volunteers to help out Thursday with bag stuffing and setting up the race course, Friday night at the Race Expo and Junior Bear Chase, Saturday morning before, during and after the main event, and even Sunday to help out with the Snow Bike Race.

There’s plenty of opportunity to help, and we’d love to have YOU there with us! Head over to our volunteer page, greatbearchase.com/volunteer, to put your name into the hat, and we’ll contact you to figure out the perfect time.

Great Bear Chase Ski Marathon